As published on May 4, 2021, by JENNA BRATCHER

From the Love Circle vista point and the pedestrian bridge overlook to the lush landscape and equestrian barns of Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, Middle Tennessee offers its share of stunning scenery to admire. We may not always have an opportunity to enjoy them, but there are plenty of local homes that boast beautiful panoramas, too. Here’s a sneak peek of the view from four of the most picturesque abodes in and around Music City.

Stunning Homes with Stunning Views

A Lakeview Home in North Nashville

Perched on the Cumberland River, just north of Nashville, this pretty home nearly blends in with the natural scenery that surrounds it. “The home is tucked into the edge of the woods and features bark siding and stone elements,” says Castle Homes’ Owner and Founder Alan Looney. Second homes are all the rage these days, and this one is no exception. “This home is a secondary home for the clients, where friends and family gather to unplug from technology and everyday life,” Alan says. “Whether it’s gathering around one of the many fire pits on the property, swinging on the porch watching the wildlife wander, or fishing on the banks of the lake, it’s the perfect setting to get back to the basics.” We’re sold.

The serenity of the lake combined with the beauty of the wilderness is certainly a sight to behold. “Serenity perfectly describes this property,” Alan says. “Sitting on the front porch watching the sunrise makes this view extraordinary. Just beyond the lake, you can watch the riverboats cruise up and down the Cumberland River. “ A majestic retreat, to be sure!

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