by Alex Hendrickson

“In the universe of possibility, a couple with a vision and a team of experts can artfully design a new home to resemble a mid-19th-Century Greek Revival home. Elemental characteristics of Greek Revival architecture largely resemble those of antebellum architecture — the main similarities are the columns and pediments, porches and grand entryways. The styles differ in that Greek Revivals are celebrated for their ornamental molding and portions. In the case of the Jellison’s Leiper’s Fork home, it took research and an informed approach to apply these characteristics to a new build. “I put particular importance on proportions with every project, but re-learning the proportions of Greek Revival houses — and applying those to this house — took considerable effort,” architect Kevin Coffey of Dwellings/Design tells us.

Coffey worked with Castle Homes to build a home for Tom and Sue Jellison. After a business trip to Nashville, the pair fell in love with the area, which led them to look for land. The first piece of land they visited was everything they could have asked for: 40 acres on the Harpeth River in Leiper’s Fork. On this land, their Greek Revival 12,000-square-foot home now stands.”

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