Tile has a transformative power and an ability to turn a dull room into something teeming with character. From simple, all-white subway tiles to traditional penny tiles, tiling options in any space are endless. Of course, bathrooms and kitchens are the most common destinations for a tile design. In a bathroom, tiles take simple square footage and create a stylish and functional space.

Inside the House Beautiful Whole Concept Home, tile contributes to an inspired design that boasts playful elements in a kids’ bathroom designed by Castle Homes in-house designers. Tiles, in varying shades of grey and white, are being artfully arranged throughout the bathroom to add visual interest. The imaginative designs will attract the attention of young minds, while the sophistication of the colorways and application of the tilework matches the elevated design carried throughout the home.

Oftentimes, child-dedicated spaces are associated with bright pops of color. Here, the Castle Homes interior design team is proving that you can create a space to delight every member of the family (no matter their age) with a monochromatic color palette that delivers a soothing sense of calm — precisely what you want in a bathroom. Plus, the color combinations will never go out of style.

Tile is only one piece of the overall concept. We will have to wait until October to know which fixtures, finishes, and thoughtful details are incorporated alongside the tile. When the Whole Home Concept House opens to the public this fall, you’ll be eager to see for yourself how the tilework informs the overall design and just how wonderful it appears in person. Whet your appetite with a glimpse of the tile that is slowing starting to make a striking statement in the bathroom.

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