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Weathering A Storm : Shelters For Homeowners

Spring weather can be very volatile in the Middle Tennessee area during the transitional period from winter to summer with almost two-thirds of the year’s tornadic storm activity taking place in March, April and May.

Building for almost two decades, Castle Homes has seen an increase in the requests for storm shelters in new home building and renovation according to Castle Homes President Alan Looney.

Looney and Castle Home’s Project Manager Brett Wright were recently interviewed by Fox 17’s Meteorologist Chris Justus for a story on storm shelters.

Ranging from $6,000 to $9,000, the storm shelters can be retrofitted to existing homes. Castle Homes has been using TSW for several years with homeowners installing the storm shelters in the garage area similar to a recessed cellar.

Wright says, overall, a cellar type storm shelter is much safer than an above ground closet type structure when considering in many cases the slab of the home is the only remaining element of the home.

“If a storm decimates a home, the concrete slab is usually all that is left. When faced with a serious storm, you will be very grateful for this option,” Wright said.

One smart Castle Homes customer has used the storm shelter, which resembles a pit found in a gas station, to sharpen the blades on his lawnmower!

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