One of the ways in which a house becomes a home is when the dwellers within start collecting items that reflect their life journey like original artwork. In Nashville’s only Southern Living Showcase Home, opening October 21 in southern Davidson County, in addition to discovering great design ideas, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a wonderful local art gallery says Ron York, York & Friends Fine Art.

Southern Living Showcase Home Stairwell

W. Michael Bush’s piece, “Caballo,” is a vertical triptych to be dramatically displayed in the front staircase of the Southern Living Showcase Home. The piece has been produced custom to the home’s space which required a vertical piece due to wall sconces.

A variety of wonderful paintings and art pieces will be seen throughout the home including York’s artists in transitional spaces as well as several rooms of the home.  But how do you pick the perfect piece for your home? York, who opened his latest art gallery in Belle Meade earlier this year, offers these tips when making that creative commitment:

-Pick A Piece You Love: Beach, mountains, big city, countryside, floral or abstract, picking a piece that evokes a time and place special for you and your family is always going to be a good choice. Remove the constraints of judgment from your mind. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks because their journey is different. Pick a piece that means something to you.

-Don’t Worry About Matching: Art doesn’t have to perfectly match a rug or sofa. The world is more interesting, and your home will be too, when you aren’t so coordinated.

-Know The Artist: It makes the whole art collecting experience more impactful to the collector when they have the opportunity to meet the artist. It is very fun having a connection.  If you don’t have the opportunity to meet the artist, be sure when buying a piece to get an artist bio. It is good to have on hand if the piece is inherited or re-sold.  Many people tuck it onto the back of the piece.

-Group Pieces Mixing Styles: This is a very fun way to present your art. Create a vignette of diverse pieces. You don’t have to limit yourself and unexpected is much more fun. And, add a pottery piece. You can use a pottery holder but also consider framing the pottery piece.

-Commissioned Art: This does not automatically mean it is more expensive. If you see something that is almost perfect for you, always consider collaborating with the artist. This is something that York & Friends Fine Art does often. York says the price for the piece is typically comparable to other works of that size which the artist has produced unless unusual time requests have been made.

-Gold Frame, Black Frame Or No Frame: Don’t worry about being locked into a style of frame. And, if there is already a black frame on the wall of your room, don’t worry about bringing in a gold frame. It brings intrigue and interest to the presentation.

Finally, what is a gallery wrapped frame? York says this is a popular style option that offers a clean, contemporary look to a piece. Gallery wrapped is achieved when the canvas wraps around the frame and staples on the back. It also can ultimately save you money.  However, if you are uncomfortable with the gallery wrap and prefer having a frame, you can always add a floater frame where the piece is allowed to breath but provides a frame effect.

“At The Piano,” acrylic on linen by Ron York, will be seen in the entrance hall complimenting the area’s groin vault ceiling. (Photo courtesy of York & Friends Fine Art)


Artist Jennifer Padgett has produced “Table For Two,” oil on canvas, which will sit above the charming brick red chest in the backstairs landing. (Photo courtesy of York & Friends Fine Art)


Here’s a sneak peek of the Southern Living Showcase Home’s master bath. Danny Phifer’s charming beach scenes will grace the walls of the elegant setting.

In addition to the talented stable of York & Friends artists, the Southern Living Showcase Home will be featuring the work of Jamali, Marabeth Quinn, Robert Power, W. Michael Bush, Jennifer Padgett and more with all art available for purchase at the After The Tour Sale on Monday, November 7 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Nashville’s only Southern Living Showcase opens October 21 in the new Dorset Park neighborhood in Green Hills just off Old Hickory Boulevard. Follow the progress of the Showcase Home on Facebook and Twitter for even more information, pictures, and video.