Nashville Insulation CompanyInsulation is something many of us take for granted when building a home, but it is a critical part of the science of building when chosen wisely and installed correctly.  In the Southern Living Showcase Home, being built by Castle Homes in Dorset Park, Guardian UltraFit DS fiberglass insulation has been selected with Nashville Insulation Company as the installer. (Check out the video of the UltraFit DS installation process here.

Seen earlier this year at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Alan Looney, president of Castle Homes, says the relatively new product for the area contains a limited amount of chemicals contributing the overall air quality of a home.

“It is an important part of our green building initiatives to seek out products to help improve the overall quality of our homeowners’ lives,” Looney said. “I was very impressed with Guardian’s Greenguard’s certification for use in schools and daycares indicating lower VOC levels and no added formaldehyde.”

The Guardian product also boosts a higher R Value than other traditional fiberglass products ensuring a better insulated home. The homeowner will definitely hear a difference with the sound control reduction element according to Alan Brothers, partner in Nashville Insulation Company.

“Once the product has been installed, there is a dramatic difference in the sound transmission of the home due to increased density of the product,” Brothers said.

Nashville Inulation Company InstallDuring the installation process, the Castle team ensures wind washing does not take place. Feeling a breeze around an electrical plug in wintertime indicates cold air streaming in and throughout your home’s walls. Literally, the air is washing the heat out of your home.

The Southern Living Showcase Home insulation is being installed in a six-sided configuration and ultimately sealed with a house wrap taking into account all the home’s nooks and crannies.  And, when glancing into the attic space, you won’t find insulation stuffed in the walls and sagging. In the end, the properly installed insulation works in concert with energy efficient windows and an engineered HVAC systems.