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Nashville Symphony Show House Is Music To The Eyes

Castle’s team of amazing carpenters working on the sculptural staircase

“Music is a collection of sounds that express emotion or create harmony. Music is invisible, but if it could be seen….it would resemble the Nashville Symphony Show House” reflects Castle Homes President Alan Looney in The Tennessean’s coverage of the area’s newest signature home event.

Also being touted as music to the eyes, from June 12 through 28, visitors will tour and see for themselves the beautiful Southern Contemporary Folk style home in the Forest Hills area of Nashville, built by Castle Homes with noted architect Wade Weissmann, and benefiting the Nashville Symphony.

In addition to the magic behind the walls, when you step into the foyer, you see a sculptural staircase designed by Weissmann and built on site by Castle’s team of amazing carpenters.


nashville symphony show house staircase
Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck


“Remaining true to the simplistic nature of the folk style, the staircase is a subtle architectural piece.  This was the first time we’ve built this type of staircase and it is a great example of the beautiful geometry of architecture and building,” Looney said.

With no true center point and multiple variations of treads radiating or extending out from the chandelier, the sculptural staircase also acts as a great divider for the space.

Weissmann said the staircase is a series of stacking platforms and also helps incorporate light into the space.

“The staircase allows a shaft to be created for the south light to dance around the spaces and help activate what would normally be a dull north facing room,” Weissmann said.

Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck


When you step into the folk house kitchen, you will also be amazed by the oversized island the Castle team considers another work of art.  Built from the floor joists of a roughly 300-year-old Wisconsin milk barn, Hammer Design Inc. harvested the reclaimed wood and created the 12 and a half-foot island on site.  Castle staff interior designer, said the grey top has a nice rustic look and is easier to maintain than a traditional butcher block. A beam from the same barn is being used as the mantle for the kitchen fireplace.

Come see for yourself the beautiful building details of the Nashville Symphony Show House. Open daily from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m., click this link for tickets and more information.

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