Take Rainwashed walls, add a simplified graphic mural depicting gears and a world map, sprinkle atop imported Spatula Stuhhi beads, and you get an idea of the imaginative designs being unleashed in the industrial whimsy themed boy’s room at Nashville’s only Southern Living Showcase Home opening October 21 in Dorset Park neighborhood.

Designer Lee Shacklock has compiled an impressive team for the boy’s room which will have award-winning faux artisan William Bell and award-winning muralist Leigh Ann Agee spinning their magic.

Agee’s, whose work has a very distinct and unique style, is creating wheels, mechanical parts and a world map which will have the translucent beads hand-applied and rubbed by Bell. Agee is also painting a giraffe being swept away by a time machine and cleverly repeats the animal element as a growth chart in the child’s closet. Agee has some thoughtful ideas for choosing a room mural:

* It is important to determine what excites your child’s imagination. This will help you determine the murals theme.
* Choose colors that are favorites of the child while keeping in mind the colors of the home. This can be achieved by choosing from within the same color spectrum.
* Look at shape and function of the room to determine where the mural goes taking into consideration the placement of a major furniture pieces like the bed and dresser.

Agee says ultimately, a well-executed mural creates atmosphere and puts a unique stamp on the space for the child making it special and one-of-a-kind.


Leigh Ann Agee, Muralist