Drive by a Middle Tennessee area neighborhood where Castle Homes is building, and roofing expert Bob Patterson says, you can immediately identify the Castle home from the road thanks in part to their use of a gorgeous new product from GAF the called Camelot Designer Shingle. Roof installation began on June 3, Day 35 of construction, on the Southern Living Showcase Home opening to the public in Nashville’s Dorset Park this October.

Patterson’s A & R Roofing crew is installing the relatively new product purchased locally from Nashville Lumber Company. With a slate-like appearance, the Camelot shingle has an unusual lifetime warranty, 110-mile wind rating, uses a better sealant and ultimately helps the resale value of the home according to Patterson.

“This is the third Castle home in a row we have installed using Camelot. I think Castle Homes is one of the area’s best builders.  They choose such a durable, designer shingle,  use copper flashing and the inspection process is always very easy because Alan Looney is very thorough,” Patterson said.

With the warranty backed directly by GAF, Castle Homes President Alan Looney said the manufacturer also carefully certifies whom they select as an installer.

“With so many impressive product guarantees, it is important the roof is installed correctly in order to live up to these standards. The lifetime warranty gives the homeowner true piece of mind and includes 50-year systems plus, non pro-rated labor and materials.  In the end, it is not out of the average person’s price range,” Looney said. “In green building, you always want to find this most durable product which reduces the amount of materials used to maintain a home.  Camelot lives up to our high expectations.”

Working in concert with the GAF Camelot Roof is LP’s TechShield which impacts the home’s heating and air performance which we will be detailing in the next blog.