China rattling, tiles cracking and bumps in the floor make you think of an earthquake, but Castle Homes’ Project Manager Brett Wright warns it can be a direct result of building a home without pre-engineered lumber.

“It matters what’s behind those walls,” Wright said. “Building from the LSL SolidStart girders and the engineered LP SolidStart I-Joists to the TopNotch engineered sub-floor and the LVL SolidStart beams, the Southern Living Showcase Home is highlighting the best of the best in LP Building Products producing a more stable home.”

Wright explains engineered lumber can be tested to predict long-term performance. “LP has created LP Solutions design software which takes the burden off the framer having to calculate structural supports and even takes into consideration regional elements like snow and torrential rains. Applying structural design to this process, it determines the impact on certain rooms in your home like your child’s bedroom where you definitely want more roof reinforcement. You might notice in older homes areas where the roof is sagging or bowing.  We are ensuring this won’t happen in the Southern Living Showcase Home by using LP’s technology and engineered lumber to predict long-term performance of a roof. “

According to LP Building Products’ Engineered Wood online magazine, laminated strand lumber, also known as LSL, is created from a mixture of aspen and maple hardwoods, which are chosen for their superior strength. The raw logs are debarked, cut into strands and blended with precise amounts of waterproof, formaldehyde-free adhesives. Because moisture levels are carefully controlled throughout the manufacturing process, LSL has a 7%–10% moisture content. That’s similar to the naturally occurring moisture equilibrium inside a home, which helps eliminate twisting, shrinking, warping and bowing. Southern Living Showcse Home Construction

Wright said it is important for Castle Homes green building commitment to choose wood which has been harvested as wisely as possible. The wood used to create LP SolidStart LSL is obtained using SFI® certified procurement systems that promote sustainable forest management. Every bit of the log is used, either in the product or as a fuel source.

In the end, the Southern Living Showcase Home has a firm foundation that generations of families will enjoy.

Now—as we enter day 35 in the build process, it’s time to take a closer look at the new designer roof product that’s becoming the talk of the neighborhood.